Ken Creegan

Ken Creegan BACAP RP (Q) 

Registered Psychotherapist 


Registered Psychotherapist Mississauga

Ken Creegan, BACAP RP (Q)

Sometimes our thoughts and feelings become unmanageable without help. Anxiety, stress and depression are just some of the ways our mind tells us that something isn’t right, or the ways we’ve coped in the past aren’t quite working as well as they did. You don’t have to go through it alone. Change can be unsettling and distressing, but it can also healing, fulfilling and hopeful. I provide a therapeutic space that is safe, warm and engaging where you can lean into whatever you’re experiencing, at whatever pace you need.

I am a Psychodynamic/Integrative Therapist. This basically means that we bring attention to your feelings, your experience -your story as you yourself experience it in the here and now. I recognize the fluidity of the therapeutic relationship and the varying ways of expression, and so integrate several theoretical orientations.

Having previously worked in a clinical health center built upon a social business model, it is my strong belief that mental health services should be accessible to everyone. With this in mind my fees operate on a sliding scale.

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